Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get in Shape with a Friend!

Wanting to get in shape for a long time now, I finally joined 24 Hour Fitness. The kids and I had been walking the dog for 20 or 30 minutes a few times a week before lunch (though the goal was everyday), but with no regularity. On Valentine's Day my hubby took me with him because they had a free 2-week pass.

He's been going for a year and looks great. He weighs less than when we got married. I know this because his wedding ring kept falling off and thought it was lost for good after our Christmas trip to Indiana. He lost it while packing so we figured it had to be in the luggage but couldn't find it after returning home. A week or so later, it turned up in one of the duffel bags. He got it resized and it fits perfectly again.

All of this brought out the green-eyed monster. I began to get concerned. I'm not getting any younger you know and it only gets harder the older one gets to take off the pounds. Thank the Lord for a friend who was wanting to get in shape too. We started walking together first. Now that I have a membership, we work out a few days a week.

Today, we tried the Turbo Kick Box class. OH MY!! Great workout...though I realized how uncoordinated I am. My sister is the dancer in our family. She can pick up moves like that. I'm so clever, I decided to stand at the back of the room to hide. I forgot an important fact: everyone on the gym floor can see what I'm doing because of the huge window at the back of the room. It was comical for several people, I have no doubt.

Hint: always take a friend who has no idea what she is doing either. Then you both can laugh at yourselves and each other.