Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eroding Parental Rights

No doubt you've heard of the ruling in North Carolina where a judge (that's Judge Ned Mangum of Wake County) forced a mother to send her children to public school for his personal agenda and thereby sided with the adulterous father.

A judge do that in America?! No, say it ain't so!

It sets a scary precedent if not overturned. You may recall just last year a similar situation in California that threatened the rights of homeschooling parents statewide and distressed the rest of us across the nation. The court wisely reversed their decision, Praise God! They recognized the parent has a right to educate as he/she sees fit as long as the child is not abused or neglected. Why is there always some bonehead judge out there who doesn't take a hint and thinks he can do it better?

Read Patrice Lewis' perspective, a columnist for WorldNetDaily, in Playing God with Homeschoolers. She gives a satirical voice to the lunacy of the North Carolina ruling. Can you imagine the lobbyists that would be up in arms if a judge ordered a public school child to be homeschooled against his or her parents' wishes? Stop the presses!

What's next? How we choose to feed our children--genetically modified, pesticide-coated, animal by-product crap or homegrown organic fruit and veggies and real, straight-from-the-farm meats? How about whether they take medicine pushed by pharmaceutical companies or receive all-natural, homeopathic health care? You know it's only a matter of time.

I urge you, as Patrice does, contact this judge and respectfully let him know what you think.