Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Crafty Texan: Explained & Defined

This is the blog formerly known as Melanie's Lasting Memories. It took me a while to come up with another name for my blog that fit me and my personality. Below you will discover how it came to be and why it fits so perfectly.

I was at a Stampin' Up workshop last night and asked some friends what they thought. One asked me what my passions are.

I laughed. "Do I have to pick just one?" I'm ADD so I have a lot of interests. I can't help myself. "Well, I love doing crafty things...stamping, scrapbooking, etc. but I want to have a name with Texas in it also."

I love Texas! As they say, I wasn't born here but I got here as fast as I could. I suggested Texas Transplant and my friend Karin said it sounded like an operation. Okay, moving on.

How about Psycho Mama? Chrissy agreed that fit. Thanks! Love you too! ;) Then Karin said, "Mama Drama." Next, Kathy suggested Crafty Mama, Crafty Texan, Crafty-whatever.

So, I went through all of those names today. The only one not taken was Crafty Texan. Perfect! I soon found out just how perfect. While formatting the look of my blog, I decided to define crafty as the title. It was amazing to discover a meaning that was more than I expected...and it described me almost perfectly.

First, as I stated previously, I am crafty in the arts & crafts sense. Blessed by both parents to have artistic skills in many areas: singing and a love for all kinds of music, painting, drawing, writing, etc. I must create; it's innate. Therefore, I will share some of my favorite songs, my latest "crafty" creation, even recipes. I enjoy cooking and baking as well. Did I mention I'm ADD?

Second, anyone who knows me well, knows that subtlety is not my strong suit in some areas. I speak my mind about various issues and often stick my foot in my mouth. I do not mean to be offensive. Okay, sometimes I do. But only if you really tick me off.

Any sort of injustice will get me going. (Yes, I will be sharing such issues on this blog. Read at your own risk!) As I read the definition of subtlety, I felt proud to see some terms that do explain me: perceptive, subtle in a moral sense. Right on, baby! That's me!

Finally, I am not cunning in a sneaky, deceitful way...too painfully honest for that to be so. No, I am alert to what's going on around me and usually right about various situations and people. I have been, blessed with the gift of discernment. I have learned to use this to pray for others more and judge them less. It is a blessing and a burden.

I hope you enjoy Crafty Texan and please feel free to share your personal gripes, pet peeves, annoying injustices or a craft or recipe.

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