Monday, January 19, 2009

Keeping My Resolutions: Christmas Cards

I know, I know. You're thinking Christmas cards?! What?! Bear with me.

One of my resolutions is to procrastinate no longer. That means planning ahead for things I want to accomplish and giving myself more time than I think I need because I always end up getting that part wrong and then staying up til the wee hours day after day after day....

The last three years I have made my cards. Stampin' Up! is my favorite stamp company. I purchase everything I need to make 20-40 cards for family and friends. I really enjoy it but end up never giving myself enough time and I'm rushing at the last minute. I was up til 2am (more than one night) finishing them so I could get them mailed out four days before Christmas. Crazy!!

By the way, here it is:

I was so disappointed in myself that it actually fueled my determination to stop telling myself "I'll do it later." Realizing it was not as quick and easy as I had believed, I decided to copy an idea from a fellow stamper. She makes a certain number of cards each month over the year so that when Thanksgiving rolls around they are completed and ready to mail out. Great idea!!

Here's my plan:

January - order supplies and gather addresses.
February - cut all cardstock, ribbon, etc. then stamp images.
March through November - assemble five cards each month and place in stamped envelopes.
December - address and mail out cards the first week. Rejoice in a job well done!

How about you? Is there something you believe you could have done better and are determined to transform this year? I'd love to hear your ideas.

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